Panel of Experts

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Hillary Saffran


Hillary is an entertainer, author and speaker. She brings to her performances and talks more than twenty years as a professional clown, experience acting and singing in theatrical productions, ventriloquism, comedy, facilitating workshops, and motherhood. Her book, “Laughing in the Rain – Self Care for the Storms of Life” takes on the topic of stress management with humor, and will keep you smiling. She has worked in the human services field for many years and has counseled thousands of clients. It is her desire to share what she’s learned in her journey of life with other’s and to spread some hope and happiness along the way.


Don Loyd, Ph.D.
Don Loyd Color Pic
Don Loyd, a Self Help expert, is the author of 17 non-fiction books. His first book, “The Art of Parenting,” was published in 1984. He has written on subjects such as business, goal setting, personal development, and real estate. His articles appear

Don is active in coaching budding writers, too.  His goal is to assist busy professionals on how to benefit from being a writer and author.



Cherilynn Stone

Cherilynn Stone

Cherilynn Stone, business owner of Social Traffic System, Relationship Marketing Academy, and

Cherilynn brings her great delight to educate and equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to grow their businesses using her marketing strategies. It brings her even greater joy to bring hope into the lives and businesses of women entrepreneurs (and men) who are on the verge of giving up on their dreams.
She knows how difficult it is to start and run a business, and how expensive advertising can be. The strategies that she teaches offer business owners highly effective, extremely inexpensive avenues to build relationships world wide. Cherilynn knows how to reduce stress for business owners, as well as sharing with others how to decrease stress associated with health issues with her blog on